August 2021 Income Report

By Rich

Sun Aug 01 2021

something -

ApolloGraphQL -

Kong -

GraphQL Editor -

GraphQL Portal -

Stoplight -

Postman -

Rapid API -

Tyk -

GraphQL Foundation -

AsyncAPI -

Dapi -

Open Banking APIs -

CloudCasts -

CodePipeline / CodeBuild / CodeDeploy App for Github / BitBucket

  • Monitor for new branches and/or PR’s
  • Automatically create new pipeline
  • Report success/failure back to Github

CodePipeline / CodeBuild / CodeDeploy App for Jira

  • Report success/failure back to Jira

CodeGugu for Github / BitBucket

  • ??

Validate PR Messages for Github / BibBucket

Commit Checklist for Github / BibBucket

  • Automatically add a checklist to PR’s
  • Do not allow the PR to be merged until items are checked

Discord Bot for Github / BitBucket / Jira

API Test Suite

Automatically create a branch when an issue is assign Github / BitBucket / Jira

Schedule PR’s for a certain time

PR tagging and badges

Automatically lock conversation

Needs Review

Automate branch protection rules

Automate repo permissions

Autoprovision Github Resources

GraphQL Schema Inspector

Task List Checker

Release Notes


PR/Issue Management

Performance Testing

API Management

Mock API’s

API Insights


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